Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we're most often asked. If you have more, call us at the toll free number below. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

Can I REALLY expect to be paid for something I've written, even if I've never published before?

Absolutely. Many of our students publish early on in the course. For most of them, it's their FIRST time.

I don't have much spare time to spend on the course. Is this a problem?

No—most students finish the course within 18 months, but you can take up to 3 FULL YEARS.

I like writing, but don't have a clue about selling. Will the course and my tutor give me the help I need to get my work published?

The course is designed to develop your marketing skills. What's more, your tutor is a professional writer who knows about selling. This combination gives you the backing you'll need to get published.

Does the Writing School keep a percentage of the money I make from selling my articles and stories?

Not at all. You keep all the money you receive. You earned it! All we ask is that you keep a record of your success.

What is the procedure for reporting any income to the school? I've sent off my first contract and am awaiting payment.

Just let us know in an informal way whenever you have something published and let us have a copy of the piece for our "proud file".

Will you show me how to break into all types of markets—INTERNATIONAL? US? CANADIAN?


What if I don't manage to sell any of my writing by the time I've finished my course?

Your fees will be returned to you—plain and simple. That's how confident we are in our course, our tutors, and IN YOU!

Is my knowledge of everyday English sufficient?

Yes—straightforward and clear writing is actually an important key to your success.

I've heard that copyright issues can be really complicated. Is this the case?

No—copyright is actually very simple. We'll show you how to establish your own copyright without spending a penny. The course also explains how to handle other technical issues such as serial rights.

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