Successful Writing and You

A Message From the Director of Studies

Alex Myers

Do you often wonder if you could earn extra money from your writing? Well, you could share in the success that many of our students have achieved. Our training methods provide the techniques and marketing skills new writers need to break into print.

You don't need to be brilliantly witty or exceptionally talented in your use of language. You simply need to exploit the things you know best. For example, if you work in a bank, you can write articles on loans, mortgages, or personal finance.

Perhaps you grow roses for a hobby? Here again you can share your knowledge with fellow gardeners in magazines or newspapers. Great cooks are always in demand for their recipes and special tips. The bedtime stories you tell your own children can shared with other parents and their kids.

This simple approach—working with the things you know best—is the key to success. Knowing how and where to send your work are vital skills but they can be learned during your course. Our role is to reinforce your special knowledge with professional technique, marketing know-how, and the careful advice of your personal mentor, a career writer.

I sincerely hope that you will participate in the course that has given great pleasure to so many of our students.

Alex Myers
Director of Studies

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