Business Communications

The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is the most important business skill. In this course you will acquire the clear fundamentals for success in a competitive business environment.

Our business communications course is offered in a very flexible format, combining workshops and seminars with the tutorial elements.

The Skills You Need

To do well in the workplace, you must be able to

  • Communicate your ideas, plans, and strategies
  • Write excellent business letters, memos, proposals, and reports
  • Develop presentation skills that enable you to "sell" yourself and your ideas
  • Motivate colleagues and contacts in the field

These crucial abilities can become second nature to you.

You will be able to express yourself clearly, competently, and quickly. That's a huge business advantage. Quite simply, most people cannot write well. They are scared (and rightly so) of having to document their words.

How the Course Works

The course is tailored to suit your priorities. Right at the beginning you complete the "Personal Profile". You tell us about your background. You detail the kind of work you wish to accomplish.

We then assign you a specific tutor. We give you the career details of your tutor so that you are comfortable with the person you will be working with.

Your tutor will be your teacher, mentor, and editor. He or she will make careful constructive comments on all your work. It's a close relationship even though it is conducted by distance learning.

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