Creative Writing Module 1: Getting Started

In this module, you will learn all the basics of creative writing.

Unit 1: Identifying Your Market Niche

You learn how to decide on the right publication for a specific idea and analyze the range of available market areas. You take the Marketable Knowledge Test and Market Tester (in the first unit) and start, with your tutor's help, to produce your first stories and articles. Learn how to write queries, cover letters and outlines that really help sell your work. Find out the right way to deal with editors. You'll start to think of yourself as a professional.

Unit 2: From Thought to Paper

In From Thought to Paper, you'll learn so many practical skills. How to research your topic, the right way to interview, developing your subject. Learn about the different kinds of leads, how to "paint with words," how to self edit in a professional way, the correct preparation of a manuscript, the right way to use quotes and how to protect yourself.

Unit 3: The Short Story

The Short Story is a fascinating insider's look at the world of fiction. You'll learn how to develop an outline, how to set up and break down conflict in a whole range of different kinds of fiction. You'll understand the place of narrative and how to establish place, setting and time to contribute to the story. Find it hard to develop ideas? Not after you've learned from this unit of your course!

Unit 4: What a Character!

Characterization is a vital ingredient of fiction. Learn how to make your readers really care about your characters. How to build emotions, understand motivation, gain the reader's sympathy, introduce cause and effect. The importance of dialogue and how to use it convincingly and effectively. Draw supporting characters so that they are believable and interesting without "taking over" the story. Avoid clichés. Develop narration and characterization hand in hand.

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