Creative Writing Module 2: Writing Genres

In this module, we will introduce you to the various writing genres.

Unit 5: Writing for Children

Writing for Children is not just kid's stuff. You'll learn just what sets this exciting genre apart and how to ensure your work rates highly. Find out all the details on subject matter, length, narration, dialogue, plotting and titles. Use Wonderful Words to create images that children will carry with them forever. Learn how to tackle sensitive issues and the vital ways to market your work.

Unit 6: Romance Writing

You'll love to write romance with the expert technique you acquire in this unit. Discover how to detail the emotional and sensual elements of passion and how to introduce and solve conflict. Make your settings complement the story. Ensure your characters really come alive. Romance writing is enormously exciting. By the end of this course unit, you'll be master or mistress of it.

Unit 7: Technical Writing

Technical Writing is all business. You'll acquire a solid foundation of rules, techniques, requirements and styles. Then you'll learn how to apply them to a wide range of applications. Ensure that your presentations, reports, manuals, proposals, business letters and memos are efficient, successful and well written.

Unit 8: Specialty Writing

Specialty Writing requires special techniques. Learn to determine the most profitable area for you. Then we'll show you how to write for it. Want to write for newspapers? You'll need different skill sets for hard news vs. soft news, travel writing, sports features or sports reporting, reviews, How To articles, fillers, topical stories. Learn all of the special skills you'll need and how to apply them to the right area in the "write" way.

Unit 9: Writing Humour

Writing Humour is no laughing matter. It contains tragedy and comedy. That's why we take you into the writer's psyche and soul. You'll learn how to dissect humour, how to include the essential elements, how to structure your work, how to balance sensitivity with a tough punch line. Learn all about the markets and how to present your work in a winning way. You'll be laughing all the way to the bank!

Unit 10: A Novel Approach

You'll take A Novel Approach to novel writing. Learn how to develop creative techniques, build believable characters your readers will love (or love to hate). You'll understand how to solve plotting problems, motivate your characters and make their dialogue really "sing." You'll know how to establish viewpoint. A novel is a major undertaking. We structure and support your work so that your finished manuscript stays firmly in your reach.

Unit 11: Biography/Poetry

In Autobiography, we get up close and personal. You'll find out how to research details and find information sources, which of the various biography styles is right for you, how to develop your family's history, what themes to include. It's all there for you. Poetry is another area that may be close to your heart. You'll discover how to determine themes, learn all about the different poetry categories, the techniques of rhyme, the specific language of poetry and how to market your work.

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