Creative Writing Module 3: Writing for Media

In this module, you will learn all about writing for television, radio, and theatre. It consists of the following units.

Unit 12: Writing for Television

Writing for Television needs careful scrutiny. Trends are everything in the great ratings battles. Real-life documentary may be the rage one year, gritty drama the next, pure escapism the next. Learn how to analyze and satisfy audience and network demand, the best ways to break into the field, how to produce professional working outlines, script submissions and special TV treatments.

Unit 13: Writing for Radio

There are many opportunities in Writing for Radio. You can learn to write (and present on air) many different kinds of radio work. Choose from fillers, editorials, drama, serials, comedy, specialty local news and reviews, personal profiles, regular columns, travel pieces. It's an enormous and thriving market. You'll know how to tackle it efficiently and effectively.

Unit 14: Writing for Theatre

The world of the theatre is an exciting and dramatic one but you have to understand the rules. We'll teach you the conventions of time, place and action that you have to master for this genre. You'll learn how to develop conflict, characters, crises and conclusions which satisfy the needs of the market. Learn about dialogue, dialects, specific types of plays, stage directions and writing within a production budget. Learn about the pitfalls that have trapped many budding playwrights.

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