Module 3: Getting Your Work Published

We will teach you how to write stories that get published. We will show you how to market your work.

Unit 10: Variety, the Spice of Life

Variety is the spice of life. In this unit, we examine thirty different ways to introduce originality and variety into your work. You'll learn how to trigger particular memories and then use them in the best way possible.

Then we use that new information to help you build some very specific stories that might otherwise never have seen the light of day.

Unit 11: Focusing on the Writer

In this unit we change emphasis from the writing to the writer: you. Can you find the real you in your writing? It's an important question. This unit shows you how to be sure that your essence is well represented. You'll see how to be effective in translating the important elements of your beliefs and personality to the page. Others will truly be able to know and understand you. That's a proud achievement for anyone.

Unit 12: Editing Like a Pro

Revision is a highly underestimated phase of writing. As your own editor, you have to evaluate and perfect your work. This unit takes you through the different phases of editing like a pro. It shows you what to look for, how to recognize it and how to achieve the best product you are capable of. There are some very common errors. Others may be your very own specialty. You'll know how to recognize—and deal with—both kinds of mistakes.

Unit 13: Your Book

By now you have a substantial manuscript. You have researched, written, revised and edited it with the help of your tutor and your new fund of knowledge. Finally we can start to relax and consider what your book should look like. We must be certain that your exit as a writer is completed with dignity and a sense of finality. Your title must be well chosen. You'll learn how to ensure all this.

Unit 14: Reproducing Your Memoir

In this unit you learn how to market your work. Together, we develop a plan of action to deliver your book to as wide an audience as possible. This unit sets out all the available options and gives you lots of information about the wide range of choice. You'll be aware of the current trends, how to deal with publishers, the pitfalls to know of. This is your own personal introduction to the inside track of the publishing world.

Unit 15: This Business of Writing

Finally we get to the hard-nosed world of business and how to deal with it. You'll learn everything you need to know before you contact a publisher. You'll practice writing query letters that really sell your work. You'll fully understand the purpose of a synopsis. You'll know all the right ways to make your work relevant, marketable and, ultimately, saleable. There are a thousand and one ways to make writing pay. You'll know the best ones.

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