Module 1: Structuring Your Novel

In this module, you will learn all the basics of novel writing.

Unit 1: Dissecting the Novel and Finding Your Genre

In Dissecting the Novel and Finding Your Genre, you start out the right way. Learn how to dissect the novel and how to recognize all the different elements that compose it. You'll learn how to identify them and when and how to use the different elements to best advantage. How to be sure that the right ones will be included in the right way in your book. The process of working with your own tutor begins.

Unit 2: How to Manufacture Plot Ideas

The bricks and mortar of your book. How to introduce action, description, narrative, How to keep your reader's imagination in the equation. How to advance the plot, show character, develop description. How to make each element appropriate for the genre you have chosen. By the end of this unit, you'll know just how to develop the framework of your novel.

Unit 3: Adding Spice—Character, Voice, and Ambience

How to add spice to your novel. Your reader won't want to put down your book if you have added character, "voice" and ambiance. You learn the surprising ways to flesh out your basic plot and add substance to your book. Make your characters reach out and "grab" the reader. This unit shows you how and gives you lots of practice in how to do it yourself.

Unit 4: How to Use Sub-plots and Endings

You want your novel to be read. Learn the essential mechanics of the process. How to be practical before you get really creative. Therefore, it has to fulfill certain requirements. Learn what they are, how to be certain that they are included. How to include them the right way. How to give your book the chance it deserves.

Unit 5: The Arithmetic of the Novel

In The Arithmetic of the Novel, you'll learn some surprising new skills. Learn how to structure your novel so that it exactly fits the demands of specific publishers, where to place your plot twists, what is behind the arithmetic of novel writing. Why it is so important. The vital "Readability Rules". How to make your reader your ally.

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