Module 3: Creating Novels That Sell

We will show you to structure a novel that will generate revenues for you in the future.

Unit 8: Writing About the Things You Know

In Writing About the Things You Know, you learn about how to develop your knowledge and how to apply facts to different settings, times, and places. This unit is packed with information in a very concrete way. As a writer, you need to use the information in your head a thousand different ways. Shakespeare never left England. He wrote Othello, set in Cyprus, utterly convincingly. Find out how.

Unit 9: Your Tool Kit

Start to think of yourself as a professional. That is what you are fast becoming. In Your Tool Kit, you'll learn all the tools you need as a writer AND the way to use them effectively and efficiently. Equip yourself with the right methodology and tools to do your job right.

Unit 10: Your Characters Talk

An outline is a vital tool. New writers agonize over it. This unit removes all the pain. Learn the professional way to develop an outline to be of greatest help as you write. How to make the outline sell the work How to develop dialogue the right way. When to use dialogue to advance the story. How to make your dialogue "right" for the character.

Unit 11: Capture Your Reader

Capture Your Reader is not as violent as it sounds. This unit shows you how to ensure that your reader needs to read your book and wants to buy your next one. Where and how to introduce conflict, how to overlap the conflicts at plot twists, how to move the plot forward, how to reveal your characters slowly. How top force the reader to identify with your protagonists.

Unit 12: Choosing Your Tense

How to choose the right tense and person for a story is a complex issue. This unit will make it simple for you. You'll know why the present tense is a difficult one to work in and how and when it should be used. When to write in one person, when in another. It would take years of hit and miss practice to acquire this kind of information by yourself.

Unit 13: Checklist for Success

The best writers rewrite their work. A Checklist for Success shows you how to do it effectively and efficiently. There's also much more. How to introduce real suspense, the bad and the good kinds. How to be sure your reader does not feel cheated by you. How to make your background work overtime. How to be sure your novel is "of its own time". How to change focus.

Unit 14: Polishing Your Dialogue

In Polishing Your Dialogue, you learn all the advanced tricks of the trade about how to make your dialogue really work for you. Seventy percent of verbal communication is conveyed by tone and body language. In your book you have to make the character speak volumes about himself with every word. This unit gives you the tools to do just that.

Unit 15: Your Characters Inside and Out

Would you like to really get inside your characters? This unit gives you real insight. You'll see how to equip your major characters with full compliments of appropriate accessories and tastes. They will say so much about your protagonists that no critic will ever claim that your people are unbelievable.

Unit 16: Using Powerful Words

In Using Powerful Words, you'll see why "the difference between the right word and the almost right word is like the difference between lightning and the lightning bug". Your words must carry the impact of the lightning. After this chapter, they will!

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