Module 4: Plot, Setting, and Narrative

Unit 17: Fine-Tuning Science Fiction and Horror

In Fine Tuning Science Fiction and Horror you'll learn to describe the grotesque and develop your disposable characters. This chapter will help you build fantasy worlds and the rules that govern them. A must read for those bent on horrifying horror and stellar science fiction.

Unit 18: Gilding Comedy, Mystery, and Romance

Laughter, love, glitz, and mystery: Gilding Comedy, Mystery, and Romance will take you through these difficult genres and help you master them. He died, she married the butler, and YOU sold a book.

Unit 19: Noble Titles

Names, tense, voices and other tips: Noble Titles is the final collection of tips and hints that will polish your novel into publishing gold.

Unit 20: Choosing a Publisher

From writer to marketer. Choosing a Publisher takes you through the steps of selling your work, from choosing a publisher to evaluating your contract.

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