Module 2: Creating Characters and Plots

Unit 3: Who Is Going To Live In Your Castle? What Do They Do?

Writing what you know, using your background to create believable characters, your heroine and hero.

Unit 4: Sell Your Castle

How to sell your novel, getting a publisher to read your manuscript. The mechanical rules (looking for a market, proper format submissions).

Unit 5: The Framework of Your Castle—More About its Tenants

The concept of plot—your novel's blueprint, its skeleton, its girders and its load-bearing walls. Driving your story forward right from the beginning.

Unit 6: More Plot

Different Stages of plot from major to minor. Creating dramatic irony.

Unit 7: Equipment

Tools of the trade. How your equipment affects the way you write. Working with the best tools you can afford — from computers, dictionaries to resource manuals, thesaurus, books on grammar, and more.

Unit 8: Some Measurements

How will you grab your reader with your first page, first paragraph, first sentence. The right mixture and rules to follow to produce a perfectly sculptured novel from the first chapter to your ending.

Unit 9: What Size Will Your Rooms Be? Talk To Me

Chapters, paragraphs, dialogue. Writing your first chapter now that you've a good understanding of all the "building blocks". Starting to build your novel.

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