Module 1: The Basics of Children's Writing

We will help you get started. We'll show you how to gather your thoughts, build your characters, create plots, and much more.

Unit 1: Building Blocks to Success

Building Blocks to Success is a vital first step. In this unit, you'll learn the rules, how to follow them, when and how to break them. See the right way to decide on your topic, theme and age group. Then be sure you talk the talk and walk the walk. This unit shows you how to be sure that you captivate and not offend your young readers.

Unit 2: No Cookie-Cutter Characters Allowed

No cookie-cutter characters allowed! Your readers may be small but they can spot a phony from afar. See how to make your characters real. Capture their essence, motivation, attitude and thought. Learn how to recognize and capitalize on trends but stamp out stereotypes.

Unit 3: Bits and Pieces

You'll learn how to develop your plot, setting, conflict and suspense. See how to move your character from A to B convincingly. Discover how to layer your writing. Your book may produce a roller coaster of emotions and action. We'll make sure you hold the controls.

Unit 4: Kidspeak

The right dialogue is more vital in children's writing than any other form. Here you'll learn how to give a sense of cadence, pacing, the right phrasing to your characters' words. Writing realistic dialogue is not enough. It has to propel the plot, entice and entertain your reader, reveal primary and secondary personality traits. This unit "tells it all".

Unit 5: Smiles and Chuckles

The humour you communicate in your work can captivate or completely turn off young readers. You have to hit just the right note. It's not that easy. This unit tells you how. Beyond "knock, knock" jokes, bathroom humour and cheap shots, you'll learn how to tickle the funny bone of your readers and how to apply the right light touch to serious issues.

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