Module 2: Children's Writing Genres

We will introduce you to the various genres of Children's from writing funny to horror stories.

Unit 6: Fun and Facts

Fact-based, educational or instructional articles for children are fun and profitable. In this unit you learn the specifics of this worthwhile area. The "how-tos" are just as fascinating for non-fiction as when you are writing pure fantasy. You'll learn the special research techniques, interview tips, best lead-ins, topics and markets for mixing fun and fact for children's writing.

Unit 7: Tots to Teens

In this unit you learn how to create successful picture books through the creative marriage of words and pictures. Publishers have very specific demands in this area. Your work has to be creative, appealing AND economic to produce. You'll find out how to be sure it is. It doesn't end there. How can you know how to appeal to the right sector? We'll show you how to develop work for tots and teens!

Unit 8: Horrors!

Horrors! Craft scaaary tales kids and adults will love to shiver and quiver by. Learn how to choose age appropriate themes and how to handle guts gore and more. See just how to pick a petrifying plot. Make it the one your readers will remember with joy when they are adult. Learn how to develop a continuous thread of fear, build atmosphere, suspense, scare them to the core. Learn how to develop living, breathing (and heavily perspiring) characters!

Unit 9: Clued In

Solve the mystery of children's mystery writing. Tension, suspense, action—it's all in the planning. How to be sure your plan works for you. Learn the special ingredients of writing mysteries for children. How to be sure the work is age appropriate. The idiosyncrasies to give your juvenile Sherlock Holmes. How to make your readers identify with him/her. How to simmer the solution. Clues to successful clues.

Unit 10: Play Time and Series Fun

Adaptations for stage, radio and television can be magical and inspired or dreadful. Do it the right way. Breathe new life into your children's stories with sparkling new versions and the development of series. Hone your skills on how to develop the plots, personalities, settings, and time lines that are right for series and adaptations.

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