Module 3: Marketing Ethics & Publishing

Learn how to get your work published and SOLD.

Unit 11: And This Little Story Went to Market

Discover the proven techniques to selling your work in a variety of markets. They may not be traditional. They are profitable. Learn about the "hidden" markets for children's writing. We'll teach you how to write the right query and cover letters and "milk" one idea for several different markets.

Unit 12: A Question of Ethics

Today's world is complex. Mother, father and two happy kids are no longer necessarily the norm for family life. Learn the ground rules to being a responsible children's writer. See how to handle sensitive issues, from fair play, to abuse, to harassment and racial diversity. Multicultural writing is a huge (and growing) sector of the market. Inspirational writing for children is another great area. Learn how to handle them like a pro.

Unit 13: Publishers Are People Too

Publishers are people too. Learn how to build relationships with editors and publishers. It leads to long term writing success. The facts you need for how to deal with fiction and non-fiction editors and how to handle success and failure. Tips and tricks to giving those publishers what they want.

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