Felix Baron

Felix brings the experience of a long and successful writing career to his work with you. His own erotic writing, laced with fantasy, sorcery and vampires, is much respected and published under the most prestigious imprints. Felix has written all areas of erotica, ranging from the full-length novel to articles, to letters for magazines.

He understands the demands of erotica markets inside and out. He is a complete professional in the field and will advise and encourage you in the most candid and helpful way possible. As some indication of his understanding of the genre, in the first eight months of 1995 Felix had Part #1 of his Witch Queen trilogy go into a second printing. He also sold a further three erotica novels. Furthermore, he will have a short story included in The Mammoth Anthology of Erotica II, which will be headlined by Anne Rice.

In addition to his erotica work, Felix is a prolific conventional novelist, published in three languages. He has, in the first eight months of 1995, written a number of movie and sitcom scripts, some of which are currently under consideration both in Hollywood and in Canada.

Felix builds a close relationship with his students and has a dry sense of humour. His wide-ranging professional background and valuable knowledge of the markets gives great depth to his teaching.

Read about our erotica course in the National Post.

"I enclose my erotica novel published by Olympia Press in the UK. The royalty cheques are all the glory I seek! Another book I wrote comes out in May by Kensington Press in New York and I have one more in the pipeline and others planned. I will always be grateful for the boost given to me by Quality of Course and my tutor, Felix Baron. My only regret is that I didn't think of taking your writing course much sooner."

—Michael Montcombreux, Graduate

"I received your response to assignment 9 and I am excited, scared and proud. Your validation of my work is filling an emotional deficit I didn't even know was there. The novel is SALEABLE! That is like having Beethoven's 9th erupt out of an envelope in the afternoon mail. I've got 65k words to go in three months for this publisher. I am really grateful for your guidance and encouragement."

—Llyod A Meeker, Student

"I am now one happy Quality of Course student. In the last 7 days, I've earned US $750 writing for a private company located in New Jersey that is setting up a massive erotic web site called Sex City. They'll be sending even more work my way and I've already received my first cheque with more to come. Thanks Q of C and a huge thank you to Felix Baron, my tutor. Without his advice and guidance I couldn't have done it."

—Robert Denton, Student

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