Francie Thompson

Francie Thompson

Francie is an extremely experienced and sympathetic tutor and her advice is always constructive and helpful.

Her own wide-ranging interests are reflected in her long, successful writing career. Her background is in newspapers and magazines, promotional, and public relations writing. Primarily a features writer, she also writes editorials, columns, news, and whimsical pieces.

Francie has worked on staff for a variety of publications over the course of nearly 40 years, since she was about 18 and began working for the Globe and Mail. She spent some years as the Youth Editor for the United Church Observer, funded and operated a summer writer's club for children, and has been the host of countless story hours.

She builds a strong and very personal relationship with her students. We hope you will really enjoy working with her.

"I've been hired as a full time writer! As you can well imagine, I am just a little excited. I would like to say, Francie, that without your encouragement and the course, I wouldn't have been writing letters or anything else. I would never have even got started without you."

—Bert Mellish, Graduate

"I really appreciate all the help and suggestions you gave me. I wanted to let you know that my book is being published this fall. I took Francie's advice and just kept sending it out! I'd like to place an acknowledgement to the school in the front of the book. Please let me know if this is alright. Again, thanks for your encouragement. I hope that things are going well for you all and that continue to help other students the way you helped me."

—Eleanor Little, Graduate

"I am pleased to report that I recently sold an article for $200. This is my first published piece but I feel confident that it is only the beginning. My thanks for your excellent tutoring. It has given me the confidence and skills to become a published writer. I would recommend your course to anyone serious about becoming a published writer."

—Timothy Coursell, Graduate

"The course is excellent. Lots of good solid information. I would highly recommend it to any aspiring writers. My tutor Francie is terrific. She is so positive and I feel successful when I receive her input back. She encourages me, laughs with me and shares her joy of writing with me. I almost hate to finish the course."

—S. Shaw, Student

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