Joyce White

Joyce White

Joyce White is a successful freelance writer and author. Her articles and short stories have appeared in 45 Canadian and US magazines including Dandelion, Our Family, International Living, Bridal Fair, Western Producer, BC Woman, Good Housekeeping, and numerous animal publications. She is a contributing editor with four USA magazines.

Joyce is a prolific writer, published in a variety of subjects. With approximately 1000 articles and short stories, and eight books of fiction and non-fiction published, she is able to address all your interests.

Joyce's professional background, with a degree in education and a major in English, as well as extensive editing experience and a valuable knowledge of the North American markets brings great depth to her tutoring. We are confident you will enjoy working with her.

"It has been a busy time since I completed my course in creative writing. I was so pleased to receive my certificate and have been very busy writing since. The course has allowed me new confidence and freedom in my writing and provided me with the tools and knowledge with which to market my work. Since my start with Quality of Course, I have successful sold eight articles and currently have two under consideration with national publications. I extend my sincere thanks and good wishes to the school for a future filled with success."

—Anita Ewart, Student

"My tutors have been outstanding. Interestingly enough, the school apologized when my tutor was changed. However I found that having two different tutors helped my in a lot of ways. It gave a different perspective to my work, different ideas and critiques. It reminded me of submitting my work to different editors. They may have the same general idea but their comments and criticisms vary. I found this invaluable. They were different but they were wonderful. Joyce, my last tutor, was mindful of my dreams, goals, and wishes and she really added a personal touch to this course. I was not just a student number, I was a person with a dream and a desire to write and she truly encouraged this. Thank you so much for everything. I will continue to recommend you to my friends and colleagues who have shown a desire to write."

—Peni Robinson, Student

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