Michael Crawley

Michael Crawley

Michael is a successful freelance writer. His articles and short stories have appeared in a host of Canadian (overseas) magazines and newspapers including the Toronto Star and the London Sunday Times. His Samuel Pepys-style column, "Vancouver Diary" on Vancouver night life, was popular in the Vancouver Star. His work has appeared under a number of noms de plume.

Michael's forte, however, is the novel. He is a prolific writer of horror, fantasy, suspense, and "mainstream glitz". His novel, The Room, has been published in England by Corgi, by Bantam in New Zealand, by Fenix in Poland, and by Crime Press in Russia. The sequel, The Hexagon, was also bought by Fenix and Crime Press. In 1995 he sold the electronic rights to three more novels, bringing his total book sales for the year to six. His book, How To Fail As A Novelist, published by Pug Enterprises (January 2000) has been very well received.

Michael's professional background, with teaching and editing experience and a valuable knowledge of the North American and overseas markets, brings great depth to his tutoring. We are confident you will really enjoy working with him.

"The instruction I have received has been outstanding so far. Writing is one thing. Writing and selling is another. Michael Crawley has offered excellent advice, constructive criticism and oft needed encouragement. It is a pleasure working with him."

—Martin Pemberton, Student

"Quality of Course has added immensely to the daily discipline and skill of my writing. My tutor, Michael Crawley, has guided me through each lesson with spirited professionalism. I am deeply indebted to his efforts on my behalf. I heartily endorse the course."

—John Manning, Student

"Michael Crawley has been a definite turning point in my career as a writer. The course is so helpful and straightforward; a 'dummy' could learn it. Keep up the good work. Five stars for Quality of Course."

—Rochelle Cochrane, Student

"Thank you for your patience, inspiration and humour. Special thanks for sharing your amazing talent and abilities with me. I still shake my head in awe that I could be so privileged. Michael is an incredible teacher and great example to all writers. I have learned so much and grown beyond anything I could have imagined."

—Dawn Clark, Student


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The Room. Corgi Books, UK, 1990.

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